Today I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman of Chatting at the Sky to share what I learned in February. Here’s what Emily has to say about the practice: At the end of every month, we have a regular practice here of looking back before moving forward. While some of the deeper, more in-process things I may […]

Risk to blossom

This quote has always been one that speaks to my soul. I remember the first time I saw it – my dad went through a short-lived phase in which he would buy for me those little books of quotes that they keep near the cash register at Barnes and Noble. He is always sending me things […]

Not all those who wander are lost – J.R.R. Tolkien Upon graduating from NYU with my masters degree, after 6 straight years of Higher Education, 20+ years of being a full-time student, my primary concern was finding “a job”. I don’t think I ever gave much consideration to what would happen next. No one really […]


Not speaking and speaking are both human ways of being in the world, and there are kinds and grades of each. There is the dumb silence of slumber or apathy; the sober silence that goes with a solemn animal face; the fertile silence of awareness, pasturing the soul, whence emerge new thoughts; the alive silence […]


When I stop to think about it, air travel starts to seem like a truly strange thing. You wake up at home, in your bed, where things are familiar and “normal”; you go to the airport, those strange places where people bustle about, revealing the complexities of human nature; you enter the “time warp” of air […]


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