My Saturday Morning Ritual

I wake up and see sunlight poking in through the blinds. Excited by the prospect of a beautiful fall day, I quietly make my way out of the bedroom, leaving my husband sleeping. A short while later, I grab my market basket and head out.

The moment I step outside, crisp autumn air greets me. I begin the short walk to the market, marveling at the beauty of my town. Today, there is a festival in Lee Park, and at 9:15am, there is already live music! Curious, I wander into the park, and discover a Chocolate Festival. I take a few moments to browse the booths, and continue on to the City Market.

Crossing the Downtown Mall, I think again, “I love this place.”

My excitement builds as I cross Water Street and enter the market. First stop: coffee. At the Shenandoah Joe stand, I inquire about the availability of their Ethiopian Decaf (recently recommended to me by Kath–we are both on a constant quest to find the best decaf around). They make a call to the store just for me, to make sure it will be in stock when I go buy a pound later in the day.

Armed with coffee, my next stop is Appalachia Star Farm, where I pick up my 10th and final CSA share. It’s been a great season (even though I joined late), and I can’t wait to participate for the full season (May through October) next year.

Today’s share includes:

  • Lettuce Mix
  • Cooking Greens Mix (chard, collards, and kale)
  • Turnips
  • Arugula
  • Potatoes
  • Kabocha squash

A few weeks ago, my share introduced me to a new vegetable, Kohlrabi. Today it’s turnips–something I have heard of often, but have never cooked for myself.

Hungry, I impulsively buy a cranberry, chocolate, and pecan scone from one of the many vendors.

The next item on my list is eggs. My favorite vendor is already sold out, so I decide to try something new: Free Union Grass Farm. I buy a dozen eggs and some chicken breast. With my protein for the week secured, I continue on in search of goat cheese, honey, cauliflower, and carrots.

At the honey stand, I decide to try something new: whipped honey. The jars are large, so I hesitate to make a purchase, but the sweet girl at the stand reminds me that it will last a lifetime, so I go for it, and never look back, I’ll be trying new things with this treat, including using it as a topping for the last of my Sweet Potato Muffins.

I decide to browse the offerings at Radical Roots Farm, one of my favorite vendors. I spy a bag of carrots, and raspberries! I have been missing berries since the summer bounty passed, so I cannot resist the urge to buy a small container, despite the fact that I had told myself “no fruit”–I still have pounds of apples to eat at home.

Next stop: kombucha. I need to brew a new batch of my own, but in the mean time, I am enjoying this new vendor’s creative flavors! Today I purchase a bottle of Citra Hops, something I don’t imagine I could make for myself. I am planning to reproduce their Espresso flavor– stay tuned for more on how this experiment turns out.

Feeling burdened by my purchases, I make one final stop for cauliflower. I have plans to roast the cauliflower along with carrots following Ashley’s tahini and cumin recipe. I made this last week with carrots and beets, and have been wanting more ever since I finished my last bite. YUM.

I always forget that I only have two hands… Trying to balance two heavy bags, a cup of coffee, and a camera, I make my way home to survey my lot. I stop to admire a few of the houses along the way, dreaming of the day when I will have a front porch to decorate.

Back at the apartment, meal plans begin to form in my head. Lots of roasted vegetables and braised greens on the menu this week. Goat cheese and arugula will spice up my lunchtime salads. And what to do with those turnips? I might just throw them in the pan along with the cauliflower and carrots, but perhaps I’ll combine them with the potatoes to make Turnip and Potato Patties or Skillet Turnips and Potatoes with Bacon.

With my bounty put away, I sit down for a real breakfast: Greek yogurt topped with raspberries and crumbled scone, plus a drizzle of honey.

After breakfast, I go to wake up my husband–a gorgeous day awaits!


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  1. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen · · Reply

    What a beautiful recount of a Saturday morning. :) Kohlrabi was something I discovered just this past summer in Wisconsin, but have only been able to find it at the Asian market here in Charlottesville. I LOVE turnips…not as much as rutabaga though. Both are fabulous, but have been neglected by me with my winter squash obsession…

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