“All creators need to be able to live in the shade of the big questions”

All creators need to be able to live in the shade of the big questions long enough for truly revolutionary ideas and insights to emerge. They need to stay and act in that place relentlessly through the first, most obvious wave of ideas. – Jonathan Fields


I’ve been reading a lot about what it means to be creative (more on that here and here). I’ve been thinking about my own creative aspirations and creative outlets, as well as the conditions I need to support my creativity.

I love this quote because it resonates with me on a deep level–I have certainly experienced what Jonathan Fields describes, and I am glad that I was able to remain “in the shade” long enough to discover a new insight.

The thing is, I am struggling with my vision for this blog. I feel like I jumped on an early idea, one that is now not quite “right” as I have begun to dig into this redefined space. I didn’t “live in the shade” for long enough.

So, right now, I feel like I need to take a step back, to return to that shady place where I can grapple with big questions, to allow the first ideas to rush past, and to relentlessly explore until I come to a new insight.

Thanks for sticking around while I sort these things out :-)


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  1. shanna mallon · · Reply

    Aw, bummed to hear that! But trusting you to know what your gut tells you and listen to it. Looking forward to hearing what happens!

    1. I’ll still be exploring many of the same big ideas… I’m just trying to find a way to unite two concepts that seem quite separate in a way that makes sense!

  2. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen · · Reply

    The stroke of genius isn’t the lightning bolt, it’s how you interpret and use it. [See: Benjamin Franklin.]

    I just made that up. It makes sense in my head, so I hope it does in yours. :) Would love to hear more! E-mail me any time…

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