I am a Dreamer and a Thinker

I am a dreamer and a thinker / I wonder what the future holds…

In 5th grade, I wrote an “I Am” poem. A few years ago, my dad found it, had it framed, and gave it to me for Christmas.

Re-reading it all those years later, what struck me was the fact that at 10, I knew myself–the self that I lost in High School, too concerned with what I “should” be and what I might become; the self I spent four years of college rediscovering.

I cry when extreme emotions guide my heart / I am a dreamer and a thinker

- – -

When I first read the quote I shared on Monday, I had a moment not unlike the one I had re-reading my poem.  Sorting through my desire to return to “the shade” I realized that there is nothing wrong with my original vision for this blog. No, in fact, I love my vision for this blog!

The trouble is, in working to execute that vision, I have found myself caught up in concerns about what my blog “should” be, comparing myself to other blogs, ones that have been around for years and have already worked through the (fertile) muck.

Comparisons can be killer, you know?!

The thing is, when I really dig into what I want this blog to be, I worry that I am working with a few ideas that are not compatible. And yet, my desire is to discover just how they can be compatible.

- – -

My oh-so-wise-and-patient husband encouraged me to stop worrying about it so much, and to share whatever seems right in the moment–to spend the next six months to a year posting as often as possible, without concern for what the “unifying vision” is, precisely. This is a blog, after all, not a book to be published, and a year from now, when I look back, perhaps I will discover the thread that connects it all.

Or not.

Then I’ll have to — nay, get to — keep on exploring.

This is hard for me…to let the process unfold. I have always been a forward-looking person, often missing the joy of where I am because I’m too worried about where I’m going.

But this is my promise to myself. I will start where I am, and trust the process. I will share what excites me, I will dig in, and I will keep on keeping on until I get to where I am going (which, really, is a never-ending journey).

- – -

So, for today, I’ll return to a list.

Topics that I want to explore in the space

1. Cooking as creative expression/food as artistic medium.

2. The role of cooking in our lives – why do I cook? why do you?

3. The “why” of blogging– why do so many people want to write about food and share those thoughts (online) with others?

4. Blogging as a critical part of a creative journey.

5. The Food Movement — activism and advocacy and the changes we are seeing (from the non-GMO push, to healthier school lunches, to urban gardening and food desserts, etc)

6. What role are bloggers playing in the Food Movement?

- – -

I am a dreamer and a thinker / I wonder what the future holds …

I try my hardest on everything I do / I hope the world will become a better place

I am a dreamer and a thinker

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  1. shanna mallon · · Reply

    Good! Smart husband. We all feel these things as bloggers (or at least I do) so you are not alone. Keep sharing what moves you. I’m reading!

    1. Thank you for the support and encouragement, Shanna!

  2. Say yummy ♥ | ℤoε ℍαs a ℂu†ε Bloℊ♕ · · Reply

    […] I am a Dreamer and a Thinker (next-course.com) […]

  3. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen · · Reply

    You will figure it out. In fact, I think you already have.

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