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When I started this blog over the summer, I had high aspirations and big goals about where this platform might take me. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to invest in those big ideas, and i began to feel stagnant. I spent much of December and January making a point to write (daily, if possible) without pressure to post anything here. I came up with at least 5 new ideas for this blog along the way…

Blogs help us show up, and that’s priceless.” – Molly Wizenberg

Yesterday, I read this passage from Molly Wizenberg’s recent speech at Food Blog South, and I realized the great gift that blogging has given to me– it has helped me to rediscover myself as a writer, and for this I am forever grateful.

Along with thoughts on how food bloggers are playing a role in the food movement, one of the core ideas behind this blog came from my observation that many food bloggers seem to use their blog as a way to not only nurture their self (through creativity, healthy food, and community), but also to connect to something bigger. These bloggers often move beyond their role of “food blogger” into something more like social justice work. For example, check out:

  • Lindsay and Bjork, from Pinch of Yum, and their year spent working at an orphanage in the Philippines
  • Jenna, from Eat, Live, Run, and her work with Noonday
  • Alex and Sonja, from A Couple Cooks and their work in Cambodia with the Green Mango Cafe
  • Katie, from Honey Stuck, and her new app, Plate Share
  • Joy, AKA Joy the Baker, and her recent trip to Uganda with Compassion
  • Nicole, from Eat this Poem, and her other project, The Giving Table

As The Giving Table helps us to see, Food Philanthropy is a potentially huge area where bloggers and other can make a big impact. It is a critical part of the food movement.

As I continue to think about what I want this space to be, I am more and more drawn to the idea of Food Philanthropy, whether it means participating in a food blogger campaign, volunteering with a local community garden, supporting a small farm through CSA membership, or helping out at the PB&J Fund when I can.

So stay tuned for the next phase of this journey. I’ll be back on Monday to tell you more about The Lunchbox Fund and how you can help make a difference, too.

Proud to be donating my post to @thegivingtable on 2/10! Food bloggers are joining with @thelunchboxfund to #feedsouthafrica! More Information >


  1. Dianne Jacob · · Reply

    Thanks for the link to my blog post, Lindsay. I hope you were inspired.

    I like this idea of a blog on food philanthropy. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Dianne. I hope you check out all of the posts in support of The Lunchbox Fund tomorrow!

  2. Fire of Coals · · Reply

    I was talking to a friend, Steven Wray with Restore Global http://restoreglobal.org, over coffee a week ago about this topic. He recently received a grant for a new high end web store & CRM system called NetSuite which he is setting up to link corporate resources for nonprofits to access. My pitch to him was to set up a page in his online system for food philanthropy that food bloggers could promote.

    My thoughts were that he could connect, in his online store, the farms with CSA produce or meat boxes to nonprofits which serve food.

    So, for example, I could submit farms with CSA boxes and non profit soup kitchens on my local area of Charlotte, NC to the online store and bloggers in Nashville, TN like yourself could suggest local farms and soup kitchens in Nashville.

    My friend told me he keep the idea on his list of possible projects for 2015.

    Do you have more ideas on how to make food philanthropy simple for bloggers to promote?


    1. Hi Lawrence,

      I recommend you check out http://www.thegivingtable.org–it‘s a great resource for all things Food Philanthropy-related, and Nicole has led a few campaigns for food bloggers to get involved.


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