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braised green beans in pot

“The kitchen is a microcosm of the larger world”

The kitchen is a microcosm of the larger world. It is an easy-to-watch, tangible demonstration of what is always happening, everywhere, in the bigger picture every day. And when you eat your plate of beans transformed by heat and time and garlic oil, you witness a basic principle true on earth: We are changing, all of […]

My latest kitchen gadget: a julienne peeler

“No one who cooks, cooks alone”

No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers. ― Laurie Colwin Most days, I come home after work craving a solitary hour or so in the kitchen, prepping dinner, plus lunch […]

Reading on the porch

Book Review: The Table Comes First

We shouldn’t intellectualize food, because that makes it too remote from our sensory pleasures; but we ought to talk as intelligently as we can about it, because otherwise it makes our sensory pleasures too remote from our minds. The knowledge that our senses are part of our intelligence is what makes us human. (Gopnik, p.8) […]

“Food is art and magic”

…food is capable of feeding far more than a rumbling stomach. Food is life; our well-being demands it. Food is art and magic; it evokes emotion and colors memory, and in skilled hands, meals become greater than the sum of their ingredients. Food is self-evident; plucked right from the ground or vine or sea, its power to delight […]

"A Better Way" Goat Farm in Waynesboro, VA

“The Food Movement” + The Role of Food Bloggers

Local. Organic. Non-GM. The Farm Bill. SNAP. Food Safety. Edible Schoolyard. Urban Gardening. Homesteading. Joel Sallatin. Alice Waters. Michael Pollan. Top Chef. Master Chef. Hell’s Kitchen. Food is a primary topic of conversation these days, whether you are a regular customer at the farmer’s market, a politician, a parent, or just watching network TV. But […]


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