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At home in the kitchen, making a mess

I am not a “former” dancer (or, why I blog)

A few weeks ago, Casey shared Shawn Lent’s wonderful post with me–a post that went viral in the dance world. This incredible, inspiring woman, who defines herself as a “social practice dance artist,” helped me to understand myself in a new way. I am often asked if I am a dancer – something about the way I […]

garden growth

On Becoming a Gardener (+ a simple cucumber salad)

I did not grow up with a garden. Sure, many weekends were spent helping to plant flowers in our front yard, but growing vegetables? Nope, we didn’t do it. Last year, I began my foray into gardening by growing cherry tomatoes (sweet millions to be exact) on the little balcony of my apartment. I was […]


Thoughts on Blogging as Food Writing

I’ve been thinking a lot about food writing lately, realizing that this is a key topic when exploring the world of food blogs. Are bloggers food writers? Do blog posts “count” in the world of food writing? What has been the impact of blogging on this particular genre? Why write about food? Michael Ruhlman wrote about […]


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