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Maca for Breakfast

When Casey and I were home in Texas at the holidays, we went to two or three stores in a search of Maca Powder, which we needed to make Sarah B’s Superfood Haute Chocolate. I was lucky enough to bring home the bags of Navitas Naturals Maca powder and raw cacao powder, and I have […]

Berry Orange Smoothie and Foodie Finds

I had an awesome mini-vacation over the weekend! I went to Florida for an audition, and was able to meet up with one of my best friends. I was sad to come home so soon, but have had a great time since returning to SF. After ballet class on Tuesday, I wandered over to the […]

Spicy Lamb Ragu

More and more these days, meat is a very rare component of my diet. I am eating more legumes, more tofu, and plenty of nutrient rich vegetables. I don’t miss meat at all – but sometimes, a hearty bowl of lamb ragu sounds too delicious to pass up. It has been COLD in Virginia for […]

Gingerbread Cookies

To be honest, baking is not really my “thing.” Casey is much better at it than I am, and enjoys it more (I am more prone to random kitchen experiments and breakfast explorations). But Casey’s cookie brittle, along with the blog-world Christmas cookie take-over, had me itching to bake a mess of Christmas goodies. I […]

Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad with Honey Cumin Vinaigrette

We grew up eating a lot of vegetables, but brussels sprouts were not one of them. I recently asked my mom why this was, since now we are all now huge fans of the little cabbages. (On Thanksgiving, for example, we had to hide the roasted veggies (including brussels sprouts) from ourselves when they came […]


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