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Pickled Peaches

15 pounds. 3 hours. 12 jars of pickled peaches. In May, I took a class on hot water bath canning. Becky Calvert, a local canning experts, shared not only her lessons, but some of her pickled goods from seasons past. While the asparagus, green beans, and curry-flavored pickles were all delicious, it was the pickled […]

Perfect as a dessert or snack

Strawberry Rhubarb Snack Cake

As you may have noticed, our posting has been down (way down) this month. We will both be sharing some big updates soon, but for now, I’ll just tell you, May has been busy! We moved (still in Charlottesville) from an apartment to a house–a gradual move that has taken a solid month to complete. We […]

Radicchio Salad

WIAW — Cleanse Continued

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been following a modified version of the Food Lover’s Cleanse from Bon Appetit. I’m now on Day 11 out of 14, and have gotten more flexible with my interpretation of the meal plan as time has gone by. Even so, I’ve been making better decisions, I’ve successfully cut back […]

Meyer lemon and blueberry oat scones

Meyer Lemon and Blueberry Scones [MMAZ]

Spring is officially here! We even had a taste of summer last week, with a few days of 80 degree temperatures. Suffice to say I am craving lighter foods, fresh fruits, and delicate flavors like lemon (Meyer lemon to be exact). Meyer lemons are actually a cross between a lemon and an orange, resulting in […]

Served for Easter Brunch

Apricot Coconut Quick Bread

When we started this blog almost a year ago, I wasn’t quite sure why I really wanted to try out this whole blogging thing. I have worked to improve my food photography skills, sometimes with success, and other times, less successfully. But in the past few months I have realized that photography is not my […]


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