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So much to love

Brunch: Tiramisu Pancakes and Kale and Egg Scramble

Weeks ago, I got an email from VegNews containing a recipe for Vegan Tiramisu Pancakes.  I immediately forwarded the email to Lindsey and a few girlfriends, and started planning when I could justify making such a decadent breakfast.  I ended up scheduling two brunches, since, unsurprisingly, a lot of my friends were intrigued.  The first […]

Mocha coconut oatmeal

Mocha Coconut Oatmeal

“The space and quiet that idleness provides is a necessary condition for standing back from life and seeing it whole, for making unexpected connections and waiting for the wild summer lightning strikes of inspiration — it is, paradoxically, necessary to getting any work done.” (Source) It’s no secret that I love oatmeal. While a basic […]

Golden Gate Bridge

Touring and Tasting San Francisco

Last week, two of my best friends from Texas finally came to visit.  I’ve talked San Francisco up quite a bit over the years, so I knew they were arriving with high expectations.  One of my favorite things about San Francisco is the diversity of the city.  Each neighborhood is distinctly different, and I wanted […]

Reflections on Brunch + Vegan Waffles

I love brunch.  Absolutely love it.  You get to eat excessive amounts of delicious food, spend time with friends and/or family, and enjoy a nice cup of joe (or even better… mimosas!).  I’m not sure exactly when my love for brunch began.  It was probably in high school when we had Sunday brunch every week […]

Kombucha – My Type of Homebrew

I remember the first time I tried Kombucha. I was home in Texas (perhaps for the summer?), and my mom and I saw bottles of GT’s in our local grocery store. Curious, we took some home, poured two small glasses, and tentatively took a sip. The vinegar smell was overwhelming, and we were not convinced. […]


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