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Nicole Bio

Chatting with Nicole of Eat This Poem

If you don’t know Nicole Gulotta, of both Eat this Poem and The Giving Table, you should! She is an incredible inspiration to me–someone who is pursuing both her creative and philanthropic interests in food through two very different blogs. Her stories resonate with me on a personal level, and her advice is often just […]

Reading on the porch

Book Review: The Table Comes First

We shouldn’t intellectualize food, because that makes it too remote from our sensory pleasures; but we ought to talk as intelligently as we can about it, because otherwise it makes our sensory pleasures too remote from our minds. The knowledge that our senses are part of our intelligence is what makes us human. (Gopnik, p.8) […]

"A Better Way" Goat Farm in Waynesboro, VA

“The Food Movement” + The Role of Food Bloggers

Local. Organic. Non-GM. The Farm Bill. SNAP. Food Safety. Edible Schoolyard. Urban Gardening. Homesteading. Joel Sallatin. Alice Waters. Michael Pollan. Top Chef. Master Chef. Hell’s Kitchen. Food is a primary topic of conversation these days, whether you are a regular customer at the farmer’s market, a politician, a parent, or just watching network TV. But […]


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