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Kombucha – My Type of Homebrew

I remember the first time I tried Kombucha. I was home in Texas (perhaps for the summer?), and my mom and I saw bottles of GT’s in our local grocery store. Curious, we took some home, poured two small glasses, and tentatively took a sip. The vinegar smell was overwhelming, and we were not convinced. […]

Bourbon and a Book

How should I put this… My relationship status has just suffered unfortunate adjustment.  I will be cooking for one for awhile.  Instead of turning to ice cream like most girls, I have turned to bourbon. Don’t worry, I’m not drowning my sorrows and getting schwasted every night. I’m carefully crafting a cocktail (note: 1) to […]

Thank You, Blog World

I started to really follow blogs about a year ago. They have become a daily habit, a source for inspiration, and a how-to guide for almost anything I need. Casey and I have decided that on the first day of each month, we will post a collection of “Thank You” notes to other bloggers who have […]


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