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Layers of love

Roasted Beets and Polenta, Two Ways

You read enough recipes and it becomes second nature. You just know certain things work well together–like beets and goat cheese. So you walk into the kitchen with a vague idea of what you plan to do, but then, as you get going, you let your instincts take over and you just enjoy the ride. […]

Brunch is served

Creamy Polenta with Crispy Kale and Poached Egg

Over the weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with one of my dearest friends. It was so nice to sit with her in person and share the latest about love, friendship, family, and our mutual infatuation with Ashtanga yoga. Driving home on Sunday after a terrific brunch at Green Pig […]

Delicious breakfast!

Berry-Coconut Breakfast Polenta

For years, my go-to breakfast was oatmeal with banana sliced or mashed in. I ate this almost every day for 2-3 years. More recently, I have been loving Greek yogurt topped with fruit and nuts, granola, or a crumbled muffin. But every now and then, I get bored, and want something different. Yesterday was one […]


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