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A Late Summer Sandwich

This summer has been busy. Full. August especially. We’ve spent time with family and friends. We’ve asked ourselves some big questions and we’ve started to throw some ideas out into the world – we’ll see what sticks. As the school year kicks into high gear and my work life gets busier, I find myself craving […]

Market tomatoes

“The rhythms of cooking…”

The repetitive phases of cooking leave plenty of mental space for reflection, and as I chopped and minced and sliced I thought about the rhythms of cooking, one of which involves destroying the order of the things we bring from nature into our kitchens, only to then create from them a new order. We butcher, grind, […]

garden growth

On Becoming a Gardener (+ a simple cucumber salad)

I did not grow up with a garden. Sure, many weekends were spent helping to plant flowers in our front yard, but growing vegetables? Nope, we didn’t do it. Last year, I began my foray into gardening by growing cherry tomatoes (sweet millions to be exact) on the little balcony of my apartment. I was […]

Brinner: Veggies, eggs, olive bread

Vegetable Ragout and Fried Eggs

I feel like I’ve been living in La La Land lately. I’ve been able to dance and work out every day! Somehow, even though my workload has been pretty light, I’ve had a packed schedule. I’m not complaining, but it means I’ve had less time to cook nice meals. The solution to my time constraints? […]

Grown Up Comfort Food: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

Regardless of how long I am in the air, when I fly, my body gets really confused. I get hungry at odd hours, and despite an overwhelming feeling of lethargy, I have trouble sleeping. Today, I was determined to avoid this lull. I woke up with plenty of time to make a good breakfast before […]


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