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balloon and grill

These past few weeks have been busier than ever, making it difficult for me to find time and space to sit and write. It’s funny, I’ve been feeling more inclined to prepare and photograph food for recipe posts than I felt this summer, when all I wanted to do was think and write.

Since I  haven’t had time to finalize the many posts waiting in my drafts folder, I thought I would share a few links to things I’ve been reading, making, liking lately.

– Apparently hazelnuts are a fall ingredient in baked goods (how did I not know this?!), particularly when paired with pears. I want to make these and these and this, but unfortunately I do not have an oven right now…*sigh*

– I do have a grill, though. And I realized I could make a frittata on the grill. I’d bookmarked this recipe months ago, and finally made it. YUM!

on the grill

– An interesting article from Mark Bittman on farm policy. I especially like this description of the local food movement:

‘increasing regional production’ is a more accurate way to describe what progressives in the food movement are advocating (few would argue that all food should be local). (Source)

– Ever wonder why it’s called “Cobbler”?

– After a big storm two weeks ago, my garden was looking a bit worse for the wear. I tore up all of the plants this weekend, which left me with a pile of green tomatoes. I decided to follow Diane’s lead and grill them.


– I’ve been loving Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings blog and newsletter these days. Especially posts like this one that offer suggestions for aspiring writers/creatives.

Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work. – Chuck Close

– An interesting discussion about whether or not writers should spend their time blogging. What do you think?

I hope to be back soon with another blogger interview, plus more thoughts on blogging and creativity.



  1. Fire of Coals · · Reply

    Thanks for the Chuck Close quote. I needed that in a bad way this Monday morning.


    1. Glad to help! Have a great day.

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